New for 2016 - Canadice Kitchens Presents the Hiker Food Supply Box

For long-distance backpackers who resupply via maildrops, this is for you!  How would you like to save the upfront time that you or your support angel spend selecting your food items, purchasing them, and packing your supply boxes?  Moreover, how would you like a variety of foods rather than the same pre-packaged sauce mixes and oatmeal packets?

Announcing the launch of our pilot project - the Hiker Supply Box to meet all of your resupply needs.  For your convenience, we pack the items in US Postal Service Priority Mail boxes.  Choose from three options:

Deluxe- enough for 7-10 days on the trail.  Especially helpful for those long stretches between trail towns or for those who wish to keep town stops to a minimum.  Also advantageous for hiking couples sharing their commissary.  Or, a solo hiker can purchase a box and break it into two or three segments, one to be shipped ahead to the next supply point.  This box weighs 13 pounds.

Medium - 3-5 days worth of food, an ideal length for many stretches of the Appalachian Trail where town stops and post offices are more frequent than less-traveled trails.  Weight:  9 pounds.

Small - a low-cost, short hike over a 3 day weekend with sufficient supplies for 3 days.  May be shared with another person.

Weekender for One - for an individual planning a 2-3 day backpacking trip.  Chances are, you don't want to spend your precious time shopping and preparing meals after work; you want to just get on the trail!  Pick up a box and go!

In assembling the box’s contents, we’ve tried to adhere to two overarching principles:  (1) nutritional content, e.g.  beneficial calories, proteins and carbohydrates and (2) efficiency of preparation and cooking time.   

What’s different and unique about our boxes - why should you buy them?  In a word: Flexibility.  For example, consider dinner menus.  Unlike pre-packaged grain-and-sauce mixes, we offer a variety of grains and a variety of sauce mixes which you can mix and match as your taste buds desire.  You can also supplement you dinner with dried onions, dehydrated beans, a variety of dehydrated vegetables, an assortment of herbs and spices, perhaps slivered almonds and powdered milk and/or TVP.

Another example: fruits and nuts.  All are packaged separately so that you can make up your own trail mix or reserve some for inclusion in meals, e.g. raisins and dried cranberries in your cereal or almonds in your dinner.

The combinations are near endless.  Our DeLuxe 7-10 day box has over 85 items - grains, sauce mixes, breakfast items, drinks, fruits, nuts, jerky, dehydrated beans, a cheese block, and others.  Each box includes 4 pages of instructions and suggestions to help cooking novices become functional chefs for at least their own needs.

More information will be forthcoming.  As noted above, this is a pilot project whose future success will depend on market response.  Our selection is based on interviews with numerous long-distance backpackers but of course, we’re still open to your feedback.  We want your input!  Send your comments to me at