For Additional Information about The Colorado Trail, click on these links:

The Colorado Trail Foundation - - responsible for overall management of the Colorado Trail, including maintenance, route-finding, community outreach, promotion, and coordination with US Forest Service.

​The Colorado Trail Foundation's Facebook page -

Full slideshow - a YouTube playlist of the slideshow used in my presentations.  Totals 25 minutes with seven parts corresponding with each of the book's seven chapters.

Cookerhiker's Video -  - a three-minute condensed version of my 25-minute slideshow.

Paul Magnanti's on-line guide - - a fact-filled and always-current free on-line resource for planning a Colorado Trail section or thru-hike with information about transportation, re-supply options, and other relevant information.

Colorado Trail forum on -​ - although WhiteBlaze is an Appalachian Trail-oriented chatroom, this forum is dedicated to the Colorado Trail and contains a wealth of discussions of interest to hikers. - - an on-line site for recording trail journals.  Click on the year first, then scroll through the list of trails to find the Colorado Trail.

Yogi's Hiking Guide - - a comprehensive guide for planning a Colorado Trail hike with information about trail conditions, towns along the route, and much more, authored by a Triple-Crowner and writer of guides covering other trails.

Rawah Ranger's website - - Rawah Ranger aka Dave Fanning lives in Colorado and hikes and writes about trails in the state including a section on the Colorado Trail which he has thru-hiked.  He's also traveled the world and offers interesting perspectives and experiences.  Dave has just published a book about people who hike The Colorado Trail entitled Voices of The Colorado Trail.  Visit his website for details.

Books for Hikers website - - Created and maintained by Linda "EArThworm" Patton, this informative and useful website provides information about long-distance hiking trails around the country with an emphasis on describing the book - guidebooks, adventure narratives, and other genre - about each trail.  EArThworm is an experienced university reference librarian, editor, and book reviewer as well as a hiking enthusiast.

In the book, I have described my problems with acclimating to the high elevations of the Rocky Mountains.  This summary of high altitude-related symptoms and how to respond was provided by a student whose class has been studying nature and appreciation of the environment.  It's very gratifying to see young people interested and involved in the outdoor life!

An interview of me for the podcast Exploring the Heights discussing the CT, the book, and other issues related to backpacking in Colorado.